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Share this challenge on your Facebook page. Share this challenge with your friends, family, colleagues, small business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate agents... all your contacts! We have some cool prizes for the person who shared this page the most on Facebook and Twitter! 

Make Google Fall in Love...

... with your website!  The focus of this SEO challenge is to rock your on page and on site SEO.  Get Google bots to crawl your site more frequently with applying the baby steps we will be doing over the course of this challenge. 

Facebook Support Group

After you enter the challenge you will be given the details on how to join our private Facebook Group just for this challenge. Get support, share what is working, share your small victories and large ones too! 

Fast Action Steps! 

You know I am all about getting tasks done quickly and efficiently.  I will post one step for each day, most of the steps will only take you 5 minutes to do. It is very doable! 

                      30-Day SEO Challenge Starts June 11 

​    30 Day SEO Challenge! 

We are here for you. Ask your questions in our 30 Day SEO Facebook group! Get your daily SEO step that you can do in 5 minutes on most days, a little longer on a few days. 

YES! It works! 

Join the FREE 30-Day SEO Challenge! 

This will be a really fun challenge!  Whether you are new to marketing on the internet or have been around for awhile - you will have fun in this challenge. This is your chance to get your SEO done on one of your websites- once and for all! 

These will be very simple and one action steps anyone can do. Most of these steps for the 30 days will only take you about 5 minutes to do. Some will take about 10 minutes and there are a couple of steps towards the end of the challenge that may take you up to about 30 minutes to 60 minutes to do. But no worries, because most are very quick steps.